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The best bars and restaurants in the city, brought to you by Nashville Limos

Big Al's Deli

1828 4th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37208
Big Al is known all around the Nasvhille and Bordeaux area for his unique culinary flair and his unwavering deication to his craft. He is a nationally renowned chef who has been featured on the Food Network and owns one of the most beloved restaurants around. If you want some truly amazing, expertly crafted sandwiches then you need look no further than Big Al's Deli on 4th Avenue. Big Al puts together a mean sandwich that you will love for your lunch. He also has a great breakfast menu that you will be remiss to pass up on. Big Al's Deli is a unique culinary adventure that you simply need to try.

5th & Taylor

1411 5th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37208
5th & Taylor is a unique homage to the American family meal. It was inspired by classic Sunday dinners around the dinner table with the family. The menu features familiar and yet refined expressions of classic American fare that is meant to bring a sense of togetherness and community of the people who are enjoying the meal. The atmosphere has a great texture and color throughout, and the main dining area, the bar, an the lounge areas are all beautifully separated. If you are looking for a place that feels like home to enjoy a delicious meal and have a great overall dining experience then you need look no further than 5th & Taylor.

Vn Pho & Deli

5906 Charlotte Pike Ste C
Nashville, TN 37209
If you are looking for a truly remarkable place to pick up some delicious, authentic Vietnamese food then you simply need to try out Vn Pho & Deli. Many in the area consider Vn Pho & Deli to have the best pho around. They have incredibly tasty broth, meat that is cooked to perfection, meatballs that are incredibly tasty, and spring rolls that are to die for. You also simply must try the limeade, assuming you can handle a drink that might be a little on the sour side. The food here is absolutely great, as are the prices and the service. They are cash only though so make sure you come prepared!

NY Pie

6800 Charlotte Pike Ste 105
Nashville, TN 37209
NY Pie is one of the most beloved and frequently visited places in all of the Bordeaux area to pick up some pie. They have a rich and authentic New York style atmosphere and service that is always quick and yet friendly and hospitable. They prepare all of their pies with the utmost care and with classic techniques that can only come from generations of expertise. They use authentic, fresh ingredients that are always of the highest quality because they take a great passion for the food that they serve and the customers who come through their doors. NY Pie is the place to be in the Bordeaux area for good pizza.

The Beer Pale

4109 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, TN 37209
The Beer Pale is a place to get together with friends and members of the community to share in your love of beer, especially craft beer. It is a place where you can feel free to go and discover a new beer or an old favorite. You can either indulge in a pint or tak ea flight at their place, or you can enjoy taking a growler out of the store and bring back to refill. They also have some truly excellent food that you can take to enjoy with your beer. Their name comes from the original growler, a metal pail! They pride themselves on being environmentally friendly!

Mas Tacos

732 McFerrin St
Nashville, TN 37206
If you are looking for some truly authentic Mexican street food in the Bordeaux area then you need look no further than Mas Tacos. They have some of the best Mexican food you can get in all of the Nashville or Bordeaux regions, and that is a fact. They use all fresh ingredients that you will find make your mouth water upon simply seeing it. All of their recipes are authentic and passed down for generations, just as they should be. They are truly authentic in every way, and their atmosphere is truly wonderful. The service is always friendly and passionate and they will always help you out with a suggestion if you can't decide what to get on their awesome and expansive menu.

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