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Live music is the only thing that really matters in life. Or so said the guests that left a wedding where a live band had just performed. If you really want to up the wow factor of your wedding day, a great live band is the way to do it. But we caution you, just any band won't do. There are a lot of bands in Nashville which is a main hub of musical performance, but believe us when we say that you have specific needs when it comes to your wedding and you need a specific band to fulfill those needs. Here are some tips that we believe will lead you to the perfect band for your special day.

Whoever you are considering, you want to go and see them perform live if at all possible. It is very hard to get a read on something like live music unless you actually are there in the same room with them. This is because its not just about the music, its about stage presence and the groups impact on a crowd and how they work the crowd to get them involved. Another thing you want to keep in mind is a band's experience. Don't put your wedding in the hands of inexperienced newbies. You will almost assuredly regret it. You don't want to play a guessing game. So, ask any potential band how long they have been together and how many weddings they have done. Ask them what their philosophy of a wedding performance is, in other words, what is the end goal?

Style is extremely important. You don't want to try and book a punk rock band and have them try and play classical music. This may seem extreme but you will really want to delve into what style they are good at. We suggest that you look for a group that is proficient at a few different styles so that they can play a wide range of music at your reception. You will want to ask them for a sample playlist that they like to play from. Are you able to add songs or delete songs from that list. Most bands will allow this. Also, ask if they are willing to learn two or three special songs that you would like to have played at your wedding.

Talk about the order of events with each potential band and whether they are willing to emcee each activity. If they are not experienced at doing this, you either want to consider someone else to do it or make sure you find a band that can perform this task as well. Also, ask them if they are willing to go on a site visit with you to your venue if they are hired. We suggest this as an absolute necessity. You want to do a walk through with them so they can tell you where the best place would be for them to setup and so they can checkout all of the electrical hookups to ensure they are sufficient. One last piece of advice, start your search early, it will take time to do ample research and check out everything you need to so you can have the best band for you and your guests.

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