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Nashville Wedding Candy Buffets

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Candy buffet tables are blossoming in present years when it comes to the wedding industry. They present a tasty, decorative ambiance. They can really brighten up your reception! When choosing ideas for a candy table you will need to start by using color scheme, probably one comparable to your wedding colors. Wedding colors are not just for the bridesmaids and dresses, so be sure to take advantage of the colors you've already established. This will enhance your candy tables presence. Take advantage of your centerpieces, as well. Regardless of if there are flowers, or candles, they will tie your table into the rest of your reception. Consider the location of the table. Do you want it to be off in the background, or do you want it on the middle accessible from all sides?

Now lets talk abut candy! Color is key, as stated before. Having a specific color makes the table pop. Consider different hues. If you use colors such as red and black, don’t be afraid to use colors such as burgundy and pink. Check the weather, as you don’t want to be in a sticky situation with a a melted candy table. You can also add fruit to your table, cookies, kettle corn, spiced nuts, all of these items can be a nice addition. You can bundle large lollipops together to create a bouquet. Keep it simple, as it should be easy to focus on.

Ask about containers and jars, you may want to provide your own special pieces. If your table is set up as a favor station, little bags or mini boxes can be great take home gifts.  Dress them up with a little label and ribbon, and your guests have a tasty treat for later.  Clear plastic cups, or even napkins are an inexpensive option if you prefer the candy to be eaten on the spot. When choosing containers, make sure you keep in mind how your guests are going to get the candy out  Scoops, tongs, and other serving ware should be small enough to get the goods. Making a candy buffet takes a lot of paying attention to detail and color, as well as depth perception. Check out some of Nashville best candy buffet makers!

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