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A wedding DJ can make or break a wedding reception. You want to make sure that the person you hire is able to work well with you and with all of your wedding guests. When you look over the scene at your reception, you should see a crowd that is having the time of their life as the DJ keeps the party going. But in order to find such a person as your wedding DJ, you need to have a methodical approach as you question and analyze your short list of candidates. We want to be a part of helping you find that perfect wedding DJ so we have provided you with some great questions to ask of each potential DJ.

One question we recommend asking any potential DJ that you are considering is what makes them different from any other DJ. You can get some interesting answers here and it could be very revealing. Be on the lookout for whether their answer reveals a passion for their craft and while we know everyone wants to make money, are they sincerely interested in what making your wedding the best it can be by how they perform. They may mentioned a certification they have earned or some awards, this is good information for you to know when you make your final decision.

Talk for awhile about their background and experience. What caused them to want to be a DJ? How many weddings have they performed at? Ask them about any specific problem they may have had at a wedding where they had to come up with a creative solution. And how did it turn out? If the candidate does more than just weddings, ask if you can show up at one of their performances to watch them. This won't give you the full picture because a wedding is a very different beast, but it will give you a sense of their talent and how they operate. If that is not possible, ask them for a DVD of a wedding performance. You also want to get at least five or six references from previous wedding clients. Make sure you call each one up and talk about what went right and what went wrong with the DJ's performance. Ask about any red flags that they potentially see.

A lot of people think that a DJ only spins music. But they can do a lot more for you. Talk about them being the emcee for all the festivities that will go on at your reception. A really good DJ will put on a very polished performance and know how to juggle many balls in the air at once. This can really help you with the order of events. As you are interviewing them, ask yourself questions about their voice and demeanor. Do they speak clearly, do they seem to have a great personality, do you actually like them? For other options see Wedding DJ Detroit

Ask them about their style. How do they work the crowd and what are some of the techniques that they like to use to get people moving out onto the dance floor. What is their philosophy about the types of songs to play at certain times? Do they seem to have a keen knowledge of what to play when? Once you are satisfied with the answers to your questions, ask if they could show you a sample contract. This is your chance to take it home and tailor it to your needs. Once you both agree to what is in the contract, its time to put down a deposit and book the best DJ.

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