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Choose the best wedding vendors with these tips from Nashville Limo!

When it comes to booking your wedding vendors, the last thing that you want is to become stressed. Out. After all, this is your special day, the most amazing thing in the world is happening to you, you are marrying the love of your life. That is why you need real experts in each of your wedding arenas. When it comes to flowers, we want to help you find the right florist in the Nashville area. And it can be done. This is what you need to know when choosing flowers for the best day of your life.

The first task is to gather a list of potential candidates. A good start is by word of mouth. Talk to people in your circle of friends, family, and coworkers. Get some recommendations from other wedding vendors. Once you have some names, check out their websites and online portfolios. Is their website professional, does it exude confidence that they know what they are doing. If their site is shabby and not well put together, cross them off of your list. Everything a vendor puts out there for marketing purposes is a reflection on them as a professional.

In terms of timing, make sure you have your dress and venue booked before you talk to your potential florist. Style is everything when it comes to designing your wedding flowers. If you are going to have a more formal church wedding, your flowers will be very different than if you were looking for a country motif or even a gothic wedding. This is where an experienced florist really earns their money. They can gather all of the various information about your specific needs and come up with an overall plan that suits you.

Speaking of experience, make sure they have extensive wedding experience. Ask them how many weddings they have done. Talk a lot about what they feel the role of a florist is for your wedding day. If you really need to watch your budget, ask them about ways to save. One big way is to use in-season flowers. Another is to re-purpose. Usually, your floral needs can be divided into three arenas: bridal party flowers, ceremony flowers, and reception flowers. Talk with your potential florist about how you can shift some of your ceremony flowers over to the reception. This can be a huge money saver for you.

You need to go over the bottom line cost in detail with each candidate. Most florists will offer package deals. Study each one carefully and find the one that includes the number of items that are closest to your dream. Then talk to the florist about what can be done to tailor that particular package to your needs and how much will that cost you. Make sure they operate off of a written contract, this is an absolute must. Verbal agreements are not something you want to try. Check over the contract carefully and if you are satisfied with all of the details and with the service you will be getting, sign on the dotted line.

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