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Choose the best wedding vendors with these tips from Nashville Limo!

Congratulations on your engagement! You have the dress, now it's time for you to choose your hairstyle. This can be very overwhelming. A bad hairdo can completely ruin your entire day. This guide will give you the information necessary to choose the best style for you and avoid a hair disaster on your big day! You must first choose a dress, be realistic with yourself, be prepared, look around, book a trial, and choose a hairstyle.

You must first choose a dress. Your hair is based off of your outfit. You can not choose your hair before you pick your gown, as this can cause a disaster. Almost everything in your wedding is based off of your dress, such as your accessories, flowers, and your hair is no exception. Find the gown of your dreams, then you can plan the details around it.

Be realistic with yourself. Consider your hairs texture first. If you have thick, curly hair, don’t fool yourself into thinking a sleek straight option is best. A wedding dress can be heavy and hot, and this can cause you to sweat. You do not want your hair turning into a lions mane before the end of the evening. If you have short or very fine hair don't attempt to do more than you actually can. You can consider things like extensions to add thickness and length. A good hair dresser will be able to take in account your dress, and accessories when helping you plan your hairstylist.

The more detail your dress has, the less you need to do with your hair. If you're wearing a simple dress, you can dress your hair up a bit. The main focus should be you and your dress, not your hair. Be yourself, don’t change who you are for a hairstyle.

Book a trial with a few salons. Try a few styles. This is very important. You don’t want the first time you and your hair dresser meet be the day of your wedding and they do not deliver. You should have a good relationship with your hair dresser and be able to discuss your likes and dislikes. He or she should keep your needs in mind and be able to create the best hairstyle for you, if they can not, do not hire them! A salon should not charge you an arm and a leg for a trial. The last choice is whether to choose a veil or not!

Though choosing a hairstyle can be frustrating, don't stress. Follow the steps in this guide and you will have no problems picking a hair do for your big day. Lucky for you Nashville has many great hair salons for you to choose from. Check them out.

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