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Choose the best wedding vendors with these tips from Nashville Limo!

Many couples often spend a lot of time picking and dwelling upon a wedding gown. A tuxedo is just as important. Do not overlook the importance of your tuxedo. Do not save it as a last minute priority. Many people struggle between renting or buying a new tux. Purchasing a new tuxedo can be expensive, and often not necessary if you're someone who doesn't go out often. Renting a tuxedo will cost 10-30% the cost of a brand new tuxedo. A tuxedo can cost anywhere from $300 to thousands of dollars. If you attend more than three formal occasions per year, it might actually be beneficial to purchase a new tuxedo. If not then renting is probably the best choice. Saving extra money during your wedding planning can help you prepare for the unplanned. It's important to stay with in your budget.

When renting a tuxedo, there are a few things you should consider. You should chose a formal wear store that updates the selection of tuxedos regularly. You probably want an up to date stylish tux, and not the blue powdered tuxedo you wore to the eight grade dance. A good formal wear shop will measure you properly. This is very important. Try your tuxedo on before your wedding. You wouldn’t want to show up with a tuxedo that’s too large or too small. The dealer should listen to your requests, and be able to meet them. A good dealer will also be able to match your tuxedo with your spouses wedding attire. If not, politely take your business elsewhere. Finally all the groomsmen should rent tuxedos from the same shop! If they live a great distance have them be measured by a local tailor and send you their measurements.

Although choosing a tuxedo can be difficult, following this guide will ensure you look charming on your big day. Choose a store, a tuxedo and rent away. Check out some of Nashville’s best formal wear shops and dealers!

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