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Choose the best wedding vendors with these tips from Nashville Limo!

Besides your wedding photographer, your most important decision for the day that you say I do is what wedding venue you book. The Nashville area has some amazingly beautiful venues, but you need to find the perfect one for your needs and for your budget. This will call for a bit of a process, but we are fairly certain that we can help you through the steps that will lead to the right one for you. Trust us as we lead you through some very important questions that you will want to get the answers to before you book your wedding venue.

After you have a list of candidate that you consider to be your short list, call each one up and find out if they have your wedding date open on their calendar. If they do, you will also want to ask them if their venue is large enough for the number of guests you are going to have. If they tell you yes, setup an appointment to meet with them and to get a tour of the venue. When you are walking through the location, ask about positioning of your band or DJ, food buffet, tables, and dancing. Does there seem to be enough room for all that will be going on at your wedding. Ask about extras like coat check and even a children's room.

One thing a lot of people don't think about is what the venue will look like at the time of year that you will be getting married. For instance, you may be visiting a venue in the summer months, but you are getting married in November. Ask the manager if the venue will look much different in November with different lighting and outside amenities. Ask to see pictures of the location around that time of year.

If you are planing on having your ceremony at the same location as your reception, ask if this is possible. What would be the logistical issues if this is something you desire? Do they have a policy about preferred vendors? Are you able to bring in for instance a caterer or band that is no ton their list. And if so, how much extra will that cost you. Is yours the only wedding that will be at the venue at your day and time? If so, will that cause any problems if more than one reception is sharing the same waiting staff? Are there enough bathrooms?

Have them show you what packages they offer, sometimes you can save quite a bit through a venue's package deals. If you see everything you want in one particular package, ask if that includes things like tables, chairs, linens, etc. You want to make sure that you understand exactly what you are getting for your money. If you love everything about a particular venue and if it fits within your price range, ask the venue to draw up a contract. Take the contract and make sure you go over every little detail with the venue manager right in front of you including issues like setup time and tear down. The last thing you want is any kind of misunderstanding. If everything looks look, you have found the venue for you. Visit our friends at Wedding Venues in DetroitEnjoy your wedding day.

FiveSense Farm is the perfect venue for your beautiful outdoor or country wedding in Murfreesboro! Located in the heart of Tennessee, we want to stimulate the senses.

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